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Our team
are top-class

We have experience and expertise not only in our core fields: genetic engineering, biotechnology and pharmaceutics, but also in project management.

We run advanced R&D projects

We develop and perfect production technologies, thus responding to the current needs of patients and the diabetes care market.

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We have modern research facilities

We have over 1000 sqm of laboratory area, equipped with state-of-the-art research instruments.

From laboratory - to production - scale



Bioengineering Team

The bioengineering team conducts intense development works in the fields of genetic engineering, molecular biology, biochemistry and microbiology. Our goal is to perfect existing and acquire new high-efficiency production strains. We are experienced in the construction of expressive vectors, creating cell banks (MCBs, WCBs) and cloning genes that code heterologous proteins. Our activities also include the development of new bioanalytical methods on the basis of the latest guidelines.
Our professional expert team continuously develops and perfects the production processes of the biotechnological active pharmaceutical ingredient: from optimizing the conditions for cell cultures, through reaching the required purity of recombinant proteins, to achieving a higher efficiency of the whole process.
Our activities go beyond technology development in laboratories. We successfully conduct laboratory, semi-technical and production process scaling (scale-up, scale-down) and technology transfers. We also implement production line modifications for existing processes.Well-developed laboratory facilities and a complex approach to the projects we run guarantee optimum conditions for the protein production process.
The Finished Form Development Department is responsible for creating drug formulations and conditions for the production of drugs in liquid forms.
The scope of this Team’s activities includes implementing new technological solutions, optimizing existing processes and transferring technology from laboratory to pilot- and production-scales.
Our projects include pre-formulation research, the optimization of process parameters and selection of appropriate packaging systems.
The goal of all our activities is to develop an efficient technology for producing a sterile drug.
As experts in research analytics, we develop and perfect the controlling methods of new and existing products in Bioton’s portfolio.
We are experienced in developing and validating chromatography analytical methods, as well as transferring them to other laboratories. We foster the drug production process with thorough physico-chemical analyses by means of a broad spectrum of techniques (RP-LC, HILIC, SEC, peptide mapping).
We ensure the strictest quality control process by continuously expanding our capabilities and developing our technological and scientific know-how.