diabetes. We are also committed to raising awareness of what this disease is and the problems people with diabetes face on a daily basis. That is why 14 November has a special place in our calendar – it is the day we celebrate World Diabetes Day.
As we do every year, we have planned a series of activities for our employees to help them learn more about diabetes and how to take care of their own health. We started with a webinar entitled “Education protects our future”, where Agnieszka Idzikowska (Scientific and Medical Consultant) and Jagoda Dudek (Product Manager) shared their knowledge. The speakers introduced participants to the phenomenon of diabetes, highlighting risk factors and complications. They also discussed good and bad eating habits, highlighted the role of stress in diabetes and emphasised that one of the most beneficial factors in preventing the development of the disease is physical activity.
In the following days, our employees had the opportunity to:

  1. attend another webinar – “Therapeutic options for the treatment of type 2 diabetes – the importance of Bioton” (17 November)
  2. benefit from an eye screening (22 November)
  3. participate in the one-day Active Day event and take part in numerous activities in the Measurement Zone, the Movement Zone, the Relaxation Zone and the Fun Zone (28 November)

We are confident that these initiatives will contribute to the health of BIOTON’s employees and help spread awareness of diabetes prevention in their families.