Robert Neymann, prezes Bioton S. A. wśród prelegentów kongresu Impact’19

The largest international congress in Central and Eastern Europe – Impact’19 – took place in Kraków for the fourth time. One of the speakers at this prestigious event was Robert Neymann, president of BIOTON S.A.

The lecturers discussed the most important issues in many different areas, such as digital health, the space sector, AI, mobility and industry 4.0. This event will have a real impact on decisions taken in the near future by many companies and politicians as well as on the promotion and implementation of innovative business solutions.

Robert Neymann and Andrzej Dybczyński discussed strengthening biomedical innovation in Poland. According to the president of BIOTON S.A., to reach a global scale in terms of operations, investment and consistent cooperation between companies, research institutes and government institutions are needed.

‘What kind of people do we need here to be able to fuel this growth and cooperation? We’ve reached a point where what we need to do is not as expensive as the discovery of a new molecule or an incredibly costly global registration of a new drug. What we are talking about here is creating an environment in which people could live and work, and I think that Poland has a lot to offer in this respect. When I talk to people from Western Europe, say at the age of 35-40, a lot of them would be willing to move here. So there is something that we’ve got to give in Poland, which can be attractive, which can be one of the stages of natural growth and natural expansion,’ says Robert Neymann.

Regular conference participants include prime ministers, ministers and key politicians, heads of major government agencies, leaders from the CEE region and representatives of leading global companies and organizations.

The next conference will take place in June 2020.