We are committed to diabetes prevention in society as a whole, and that of course also includes BIOTON’s employees. As we all know, one of the ways to prevent diabetes is regular exercise. That is why, as part of the World Diabetes Day celebrations which falls on 14 November, we invited our employees to take part in a sports competition RUSZAJ SIĘ Z BIOTON (MOVE WITH BIOTON).

BIOTON employees were competing in different teams. BIOTON has 400 employees, 142 of whom joined the challenge and competed in 12 teams.

The challenge lasted throughout November and involved spending time actively: walking, running, cycling, or playing other sports. All the kilometres done were recorded in an app, with the points collected for the distance covered being converted into money. By participating, employees not only competed against each other, but also raised money for a charitable cause – supporting the Szlachetna Paczka (Noble Parcel) initiative.

How did our employees do? All teams together registered over 8 thousand activities, including over 15 thousand km of running and over 12 thousand km of cycling. Each participant received a gift from BIOTON – a thermal bottle. Who was the winner? The team “pączki & przyjaciele ZFG” covered the most kilometres! Congratulations to them once again! The members of this team received prepaid cards as a reward.

The money raised during the competition was donated to support a family in need.

We are truly happy that so many employees joined the challenge and had a great time doing it! We hope that exercising together will not end in November. At BIOTON, we encourage you all to continue with your sporting activities and to take care of your health and the environment together (e.g. by walking to work) even after the end of the challenge.