Bioton partnerem Medycyna Trzech Tenorów

The first part of the series of scientific and training symposia “Medicine of the Three Tenors 2019 – practice more difficult than guidelines” has taken place. BIOTON S.A., as experts in diabetes, were active participants in the meetings and one of their sponsors.

“Medicine of the Three Tenors” is an inspiring series of meetings devoted to the latest trends in medicine, including the most interesting case studies that doctors come across in their daily practice.

It is those that these comprehensive symposia are addressed to, enabling professionals to broaden their knowledge in the fields of cardiology, diabetes, allergology and pulmonology.

The symposia are attended by eminent representatives of science and medicine, who address the latest and most interesting topics from Poland and abroad in their presentations. They analyse complex medical cases and discuss innovative treatments for conditions including diabetes, hypertension and lung diseases.

Thanks to the use of interactive mobile applications, the participants are fully involved during the symposia, whether asking relevant questions or taking part in votes on key issues.