At Bioton we understand the importance of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Digital healthcare systems and how they can support patients with diabetes in real time, all the time from anywhere.
Therefore, together with Miya Health we have developed GensuApp a diabetes-related application, GensuApp, enhanced by virtual assistant, which may address common needs of patients and support the Health Care Provider teams in diabetes management.
GensuApp supports patients with diabetes and their therapeutic team through:

  • educating and encouraging patients to track and trend data related to diabetes, such as glycemic control, weight management, physical activity, healthy eating, hypoglycaemia, hyperglycaemia,
  • motivating patients to make lifestyle changes,
  • engaging patients you in diabetes care,
  • providing practical tips.

We want to announce that we have just started pilot testing of GensuApp, all valuable thoughts will be implemented to improve and finally to launch the most beneficial solution for patients with diabetes.
Miya Health is a health/financial technology company backed by leading technology investors including ST Engineering, Elev8 and Enterprise Singapore. MiyaHealth builds and operates technology that improves every part of the patient journey. The company’s technologies help patients choose affordable healthcare, manage their chronic illness, and improve the patient experience. The company offers three product suites, namely MiyaPayor, MiyaPatient, and MiyaProvider, all of which leverage artificial intelligence (AI), predictive analysis, and optimised data infrastructure to create the optimal patient experience.