Our company operates in the very important area of healthcare, which is why we treat safety very seriously.
As a result of the worrisome information from around the world regarding the coronavirus (SARS CoV-2) pandemic and the dynamically changing infection risk in Poland, BIOTON S.A. has made the decision to introduce exceptional safety measures.

For ensuring maximum safety to our employees and partners, the Management Board of Bioton S.A. has decided to introduce preventive measures in the company, such as the disinfection of facilities and equipment that are used every day or the introduction of new rules of moving around the company’s premises. The above changes entered into force on 16 March 2020, remain valid until revoked and may be changed at any time.
Also, as of 20 March all employees are obliged to wear face masks in production areas, in order to minimise the risk of transmitting the virus.

Out of concern for the safety of us all, employees who can work remotely were requested to work from home. Bioton S.A. is also involved in educational activities aimed at increasing people’s awareness of ways to minimise infection risk in their surroundings.

We care for the well-being of our patients, which is why, despite the extraordinary situation, the employees of BIOTON S.A. continue their work at our production facilities, ensuring the execution of their tasks in accordance with the highest standards and in line with restrictive procedures.

Bioton staff show a profound awareness of the problem, as well as a responsible and disciplined approach to the protection of our health and ensuring production safety at Bioton S.A. We would hereby want to thank them for their admirable attitude and the numerous initiatives they have taken.

Out of concern and the feeling of responsibility for the safety and health of our patients, employees, their families and all Poles, we would like to once again go through the rules we should follow to minimise COVID-19 infection risk:

  • Avoid physical contact, i.e. handshakes, kissing, etc. Cancel meetings with your close ones in the nearest future. Even if you are not in the risk group, you could compromise the health of others.
  • Remember to wash your hands with soap and water. Soap and water together are effective in killing the virus if it is on your hands.
  • Avoid large crowds.
  • Plan your shopping in advance, make a list of shopping that will last you for a while, so that you can leave the house as rarely as possible.
  • Follow safety rules when you sneeze or cough – cover your nose and mouth with the inside of your elbow or a tissue, throw the tissue away immediately and wash your hands with soap and water or disinfect with alcohol-based sanitisers (min. 60%)
  • Keep a minimum 1.5-metre distance from other people. Even if they do not show signs of an infection, they may be asymptomatic virus carriers.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth. If you touch those areas with infected hands, the virus may transfer onto you.
  • If you can, avoid travelling on public transport.
  • If possible, work remotely.
  • Do not touch handrails, door handles, lift buttons, etc. – you can always push the button with your key or open the door by pushing the handle down with your elbow.
  • Regularly disinfect furniture and everyday use items in your house (door handles/sockets/light switches/handrails, etc.)
  • If you are ill, wear a protective face mask (ATTENTION: healthy persons are advised not to wear such masks)
  • Look after yourself – get enough sleep, make sure you have a rational diet, don’t resign from physical activity.
  • Help the elderly from your closest surrounding (e.g. neighbours) but remember to take extra precautions, e.g. leave the shopping at the neighbour’s door. Thanks to you this person will not have to leave their house and risk getting infected.