The year 2021 is a special year, as we are celebrating two important anniversaries: it is the 100th anniversary of the discovery of insulin, as well as the 20th anniversary of the launch of the innovative production technology of recombinant human insulin developed by BIOTON.

For almost the entire year, we celebrated these important dates in various ways.

One jubilee in particular – the 20th anniversary of insulin produced at BIOTON – brought back many memories for us, the employees of the company. That is why we decided to invite all BIOTON workers to share these memories in a contest called “Memories – What did I do in 2001?”

This was an opportunity to recall what we were doing in 2021, where we were then, what important things were happening in our lives. Some of us were working at BIOTON – so that was an opportunity to share our memories connected with our company. Some of us still had the BIOTON adventure ahead of them.

The competition was announced on 1 December, employees had two weeks to deliver their written memories to the HR Department. The applications were received by 13 December and the winners were announced on 16 December, thus closing the celebrations of the 20th anniversary of insulin produced at BIOTON.

We selected 3 memories from among the entries, which we awarded.

Once again, we congratulate the winners of the competition, and we would like to thank everyone who participated for having a good time together.