We care deeply for the health of our patients, but caring for the needs of our employees is equally important to us.

Not only we run innovative projects that provide opportunities for professional development, we also support team and company-wide initiatives. Daily dialogue, openness to each other and joint creation of innovative solutions for today and the future – these are the foundations of our team.

In addition, we continue to expand and make our benefits package more flexible. Currently, our employees can benefit from:

  • private medical care, including for families and seniors,
  • Global Doctors package – covering the costs of treatment abroad,
  • a broad package of life and accident insurance,
  • sports cards.
  • subsidies for cinema and theatre tickets and other cultural events.
  • training: specialist and certification training programmes,
  • development courses,
  • free transport for employees,
  • occupational pension plans.

In December 2021, we launched a new feature: the BIOTON Benefit Cafeteria. What is it?

The Benefit Cafeteria is a platform where an employee, as if from a cafeteria menu, can select the benefit they wish to ‘order’. It is accessible from any device with Internet access, 24 hours a day. In one place we gather all our current benefits. Additionally, the platform provides access to new products: even better medical package, new sports tickets, cinema vouchers, entrances to amusement parks, shopping codes to stationary and online shops, and many other things.

How does Cafeteria differ from the previous solutions? First of all, it is the employee who decides what they will spend the points received from the company on, be it cinema or theatre tickets, or sports or amusement park tickets. These benefits are precisely tailored to the individual needs of each and every employee.

To make sure everyone understood how the platform worked, we organised a series of meetings in the Teams app titled ”What is the Benefit Cafeteria, how does it work and what’s new in benefits?”. During these meetings, we discussed the principles of the Benefit Cafeteria, we presented the offer and the principles of financing medical packages and the sports cards’ offer.

Already in the first weeks of the platform’s operation, 360 out of 375 accounts created in Cafeteria have been confirmed. The first medical packages and sports cards have already been ordered. This only confirms that the new solution was a hit! However, we are not resting on our laurels, as we are already working on further improvements so that we can all work to the best of our ability at BIOTON.