The annual CEBioForum in Warsaw is undoubtedly one of the most significant events in the biotech-pharma sector – not only in Poland but also in the region. It’s an ideal place for discussions on biotechnology both from scientific and business perspectives, often leading to many future partnerships.
During the event, which took place on March 26-27, 2024, BIOTON established a strong presence with 6 experts. At our booth, the following conference participants from our team shared their knowledge and experience:

  • Małgorzata Masierek – Medical Marketing Director
  • Edyta Wysocka – Head of Biotechnology Plant/Cell Bank Expert
  • Michał Deptuch – Director of Operations
  • Dariusz Gurtowski – MS&T Director
  • Karolina Mazurek – Program Manager
  • Monika Kowalska – Quality Control Manager

There were many reasons for which the participation in CEBioForum 2024 was of significance.
“CEBioForum is an exceptional networking platform. It’s where representatives of companies actively shaping the development of the biotechnology industry come together” – explains Małgorzata Masierek, Medical Marketing Director at BIOTON. “Our goal as BIOTON is to continuously develop and foster new collaborations that allow us to create and implement better solutions for patients. However, it’s equally important for us to build awareness during such events. BIOTON not only offers products directly accessible to patients but also cooperation opportunities in contract manufacturing tailored to the partner’s needs”.
BIOTON offers advanced solutions in Contract Manufacturing Organizations (CMO), Contract Development and Manufacturing Organizations (CDMO), and Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC). The company has both technological infrastructure and expert knowledge, enabling it to provide comprehensive services – from research and development activities to commercial product manufacturing.
“We target our offer to both experienced market players and startups, which we actively support in taking their first steps in the industry” – says Dariusz Gurtowski, MS&T Director at BIOTON. “Thanks to our technological and production resources, we often serve as a missing link for our partners on the road to commercialization. We discussed this topic more extensively on the second day of this year’s CEBioForum during a panel discussion on the 5 steps to commercialization, with panelists from academia and industry”.
It should be emphasized that commercialization means something entirely different for these two communities: for academia – selling licenses, for industry – introducing a finished product to the market. To bring innovative therapy to patients, a bridge is needed to connect both.
“This bridge is the Scale Down Model, a complete production line on a semi-technical scale. It allows verifying the potential of technology developed on a laboratory scale: to see if this technology can indeed be successfully implemented on the production line” – explains Dariusz Gurtowski. “This is one of the solutions offered by BIOTON to our partners. Our Scale Down Model is flexible yet strongly linked to the production line. It allows us to verify what is needed to transition to the production line at minimal cost. Later, we support our partners in subsequent stages of work to ultimately deliver the product to the market”.
During CEBioForum, BIOTON also promoted a special initiative aimed at startups. As part of the “Get Started with BIOTON” competition, participants can submit their projects – the best of them will later be considered by the company for potential collaboration.
The recent conference provided us with many inspirations and valuable contacts. We are confident that they will be reflected in new projects developed at BIOTON and that through them, we will be able to improve the lives of patients.
We invite you to check out the photo gallery from our participation in CEBioForum 2024.