Calendar of events

DateEventAdd to calendar
2022-10-31Consolidated "extended" quarterly reports for the 3rd quarter of 2022Add to calendar
2022-08-31Consolidated extended semi-annual report for the 1st half of 2022Add to calendar
2022-04-29Consolidated extended quarterly reports for the 1rd quarter of 2022Add to calendar
2022-03-31Standalone and consolidated annual reports for 2022Add to calendar
2021-10-29Consolidated "extended" reports for Q3 2021Add to calendar
2021-08-31Consolidated "extended" semi-annual report for H1 2021Add to calendar
2021-04-30Consolidated "extended" reports for Q1 2021Add to calendar
2021-03-31Separate and consolidated annual reports for 2020Add to calendar
2020-04-30Consolidated quarterly report for Q1 2020Add to calendar
2020-10-30Consolidated quarterly report for Q3 2020Add to calendar
2020-08-31Consolidated semi-annual report for H1 2020Add to calendar
2020-04-14Annual report 2019Add to calendar
2020-04-14Consolidated annual report 2019Add to calendar