1. On what position do you work at Bioton?

I am currently working as a Senior Development Specialist in the MS&T department.

2. What do you do at Bioton?

In the scope of my tasks, we can find for instance:

  • Development, preparation for registration and implementation of new medicinal products on the production line;
  • Optimization of production processes (e.g. scale-up of a sterile medicinal product, development and implementation of innovative sterile filtration systems in acordance with current guidelines);
  • Supporting the routine production.

The above mentioned activities are related to research planning, carrying out tests in Bioton S.A. laboratories, preparation of production documentation for research series, employees training, participation and supervision during the execution of research series in the production area.

3. How did the path to your current position look like?

I started working at Bioton in 2017 as a Development Specialist, and at the beginning of 2022 I was promoted to my current position. However, I started my professional career in 1994 at another pharmaceutical company, dealing with the production of insulin products.
At that company I gained knowledge about the active substance – human insulin and its medicinal products. The experience I gained working in the research department made it easier for me to start at Bioton. I can say that my entire professional career is related to insulin and its products.

4. What are you most proud of in your job?

I am most proud of the fact that I can work in a harmonious, supportive and friendly MS&T team. Working in such department, the implementation of large, difficult and time- consuming projects during short period of time, is possible, although very exausting. I can always count on my coleagues, their support, both substantive and private. Good atmosphere and cooperation that does not exclude a variety of views in relation to the performed tasks are the key to effective teamwork.
Different opinions, creative inventiveness and mutual complementation in the scope of implemeted projects make out team well working and matchless.

As a team, we are proud of:

  • Implementation of the production of the M30 insulin product on the 1500L scale,
  • Production of a product with analog insulin intended for clinical trials,
  • Production of research products on the production line at the external companies request

The innovations, changes and implementations of new tested products that we introduce prove that the company does not stand still. It tries to develop and follow the current trends both in the field of diabetes and the development of other medicinal products. Our work gives us satisfaction.

5. What inspires you at work?

An open-minded approach to solving problems i san inspiration at work. The desire to find a solution, to invent a new way to complete a task is not the same as an eight-hour working day. We carry the realization in our heads, it just needs to be discovered. For example on the way to work or in the morning, when we geot out of bed or during creative discussions over coffee/tea. In our team, we meet and discuss, because we feel good in our company, and then solution can be found on their own. That is why good atmosphere in the workplace is so important, inspiring. It also motivates me to act. I don’t want to dissapoint the team that counts on me. Of course, another good motivator is being appreciated by the superior after a job well done. His praise and recognition, as well as financial rewards, for instance as a bonus.

6. What advice would you give to those who are just starting their career path?

My advice is to be open – minded regarding the team you join. Ask and listen to the answers from senior employees. Learn as much as possible from your colleagues and talk about problems. At the same time, it is important to share your knowledge which can be useful for somebody. After all, there is a saying: „man learns through his life” and I stick to it. At the starting point of my professional path, someone also taught me and passed on his knowledge. I try to do the same with new employees in my team.