1. What is your position at Bioton?

I work as a Quality Assurance Specialist. 

2. What do you do at Bioton?

I am on the team responsible for quality support of the areas. My responsibilities are to implement Quality Assurance requirements – including coordinating processes of divergences and investigations, coordinating activities connected with implementing changes. Most of my activities are based on a close cooperation with other departments to maintain and continuously improve quality processes in areas. 

3. What was your path to your current position?

I took my first career steps in a microbiology lab at FMCG company The work that involves microbiological quality control of the product and production environment helped to get acquainted with the working system based on legal requirements/applicable standards. After a year and a half in the food industry, I joined the household chemical industry and then the cosmetics industry, also in the field of microbiology. My experience in the FMCG industry has taught me how important it is to maintain appropriate standards in every activity performed in the production, warehouse and quality areas. Thanks to these experiences my belief that  the quality of the manufactured product is influenced by all employees has strengthened. 

I have been working at Bioton since 2017. Changing jobs was another challenge for me, including both a change in a field (it was my first contact with the pharmaceutical industry) and a change of so far known responsibilities – moving from typical microbiology to quality control.  Thanks to this, I had the opportunity to learn about production areas and processes, the rules of allowing materials for production or creating quality documentation for quality control.  

Currently, I am working as a Quality Assurance Specialist in the area of Operational Quality Assurance. Being able to work with different departments presents many challenges while allowing you to learn many processes (including production, warehouse, quality control). For the past year, (with the huge help from people more experienced in that matter) I have also been taking my first steps as a Qualified Person responsible for the release of a medicine. 

4. What aspect of your work are you most proud of?

I am most proud of the fact that my work is helping thousands of people with diabetes.  

5. What inspires you to work?

The biggest inspiration are people I have the privilege to work with – they are wonderful professionals willing to share their knowledge and experience. There are a lot of passionate and dedicated people in the company and being with such people gives a huge motivation to work. 

6. What advice would you give to people who are just starting their career path?

Don’t be afraid to take a risk, to do something new. Get out of your comfort zone and don’t close yourself off from the new opportunities – something that seems unattainable now, can be an everyday life in a moment. Ask questions and don’t be afraid to show that you don’t know something. Every experience, even not so pleasant ones, brings a lot to our lives, so it is worth taking advantage of these experiences.