1 . What is your position at Bioton?

I am a Senior Business Process Support Specialist in the Marketing and Sales area.

2. What do you do at Bioton?

My main task is to coordinate activities related to the availability of our products in inpatient healthcare units, i.e. mainly hospitals. This concerns the area of public procurement, but also activities related to the work of Medical Representatives and supporting them within the framework of marketing activities in hospitals.

At the same time I support operational activities concerning mainly financial documents in the company’s IT systems.

3. How did your career path to your current position look like?

I’ve started my work at Bioton in August 1994 in a pharmaceutical wholesale store, where I worked until 2010. At that time, BIOTON produced antibiotics for in-patient treatment, and in order to dynamise their sales the Procurement Department was established, which I joined. In the meantime, our current flagship product was launched, i.e. insulin produced at BIOTON. After restructuring and abandoning antibiotics, the company focused mainly on diabetes products. I then moved to the Marketing and Sales area to support activities related to ensuring the availability of BIOTON-produced insulin and our other products in hospitals.

4.  What are you most proud of in your work?

The thing that I am most proud of is the design and construction of a data processing model, a database for generating quotes and their settlement within the framework of public procurement activities in inpatient care sector.

5. What is your source of inspiration at work?

In general, I am a person who likes to have everything in order, so that I can carry out my tasks in the best possible manner. Due to the fact that we operate on IT systems which do not always meet our expectations, I try to improve the processes using the available tools so that they run as quickly as possible and generate as few errors as possible.

6. What advice would you give to people who are starting out on their career path?

Learn from your mistakes, because at the beginning you will certainly make many. Make sure you learn from them to avoid making similar mistakes in the future, try to reflect on them. Due to the fact that I am a keen runner, I have been running since 2008 and I’m also participating in running events, including team competitions, I understand what a team game