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People give me the greatest inspiration and motivation at work. The fact that I can help them solve various problems and successfully resolve them is very fulfilling.

Katarzyna Jancik
Quality Control Coordinator at BIOTON

Take care to always be yourself in every situation. It's important not to succumb to the moment, but to act in accordance with what you believe in – in line with your convictions.

Krzysztof Kędzierski
Biosynthesis Team Manager
Biotechnology Department

"Look ahead, take action and don't dwell on failures. The energy you put into reflecting on failures is better used on a new idea and how to make it a reality."

Katarzyna Rzewuska
Coordinator of the Registration Department

"In my work as a manager, my team brings me the most pride and satisfaction. It is their successes that makes me happy the most".

Jolanta Lis
Procurement and Administration Director

"My main inspiration at work are people, the atmosphere they create, openmindness, mutual kindness, their wilingness to change and to self-development."

Monika Kowalska
Quality Control Manager

„In our team, we meet and discuss, because we feel good in our company, and then solution can be found on their own. That is why good atmosphere in the workplace is so important, inspiring. It also motivates me to act."

Małgorzata Ulanowicz
Senior Development Specialist in the MS&T department

„It is important to look at the organisation you work for as a team of players and understand what its main goal is. Show a lot of empathy for other departments, don't lock yourself in a departmental “bubble”. Collaboration, clear communication and quick implementation are essential in every organisation."

Jacek Kulik
Senior Business Process Support Specialist in the Marketing and Sales area

"I am proud of BIOTON’s position that we have reached together over all these years in the medical and patient community. I am proud of my team who consistently work hard to bring our products to a wider audience."

Wioletta Lewandowska
Regional Manager in the Sales Team

"Reach high, think outside the box, and don't be afraid to ask questions."

Aneta Sękowska
IT Manager

"Making improvements to a well-functioning manufacturing process is not easy, but when we succeed, it brings us a great deal of satisfaction that can propel us to continue working."

Tomasz Kociszewski
Junior Technologist

“I draw satisfaction from the fact that I can use my experiences from working in another country in Poland”.

Tatiana Piekaczewa
Medical Representative

“I assume that I am there for people rather than them being there for me. You have to look after your colleagues, because it always works both ways. My first decision after taking up my post was to move my office to the control room on the production floor to be closer to the process and my people”.

Hubert Dziewicki
Harvesting Team Coordinator

“What I like most about working in Bioton is the opportunity to collaborate with amazing people – experts in their fields and incredibly inspiring people. It’s great to work in such an environment.”

Michał Deptuch
Operations Director

"Patience, persistence and hard work are an unbeatable combination for success. There are no impossible things, there are only those we give up on too quickly."

Robert Piecuch
Commercial Director

"I am most proud of the fact that my work is helping thousands of people with diabetes."

Łucja Stefaniak-Praska
Quality Assurance Specialist

“I love working in a team of energetic enthusiasts, and there are many great passionate people in our company. This is my motivation.”

Dariusz Gurtowski
Technology Leader

“Without a doubt, what’s most interesting about my job just now is the opportunity to meet and collaborate with people from all around the world, talk to experts responsible for diabetes treatment and discuss how we, as a pharmaceutical company, can support patients. My biggest satisfaction is that, thanks to the solutions developed by our team and myself, an ever larger group of diabetics can be treated with our drugs in Poland and abroad.”

Małgorzata Masierek
Medical & Marketing Manager