Develop your passions
with the patient in mind

Every day we build our global success by strengthening our expertise in diabetes and biotechnology. We strengthen our operational excellence by being open-minded, target-oriented and working as a team.

Why work with us?

We are the first in Poland and one out of 8 worldwide human insulin manufacturers – the active pharmaceutical ingredient

We have a technologically advanced research & development base

Our team consists of top-class experts

We invest in our employees

We operate on a global scale

We are always open to opportunities in market, science and research projects

We are innovation- and development-oriented

We create a friendly working environment and ensure dynamic development opportunities

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At Bioton we look after Patients’ health and care about our Employees’ needs.

We run innovative projects that give our employees room to grow, we support team and corporate initiatives, and continuously adapt and expand our benefit package. Being open to dialogue and to each other, as well as creating innovative solutions for today and the future are the foundations of our team.

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Meet our employees

"Look ahead, take action and don't dwell on failures. The energy you put into reflecting on failures is better used on a new idea and how to make it a reality."

Katarzyna Rzewuska
Coordinator of the Registration Department

"In my daily work, it fills me with pride that together with the entire IT team we provide access to business systems for all Bioton employees and colleagues. We strive to come up with the best and most modern solutions, and always together as a team".

Piotr Abramczyk
Junior IT Administrator

"In my work as a manager, my team brings me the most pride and satisfaction. It is their successes that makes me happy the most".

Jolanta Lis
Procurement and Administration Director

"My main inspiration at work are people, the atmosphere they create, openmindness, mutual kindness, their wilingness to change and to self-development."

Monika Kowalska
Quality Control Manager

„In our team, we meet and discuss, because we feel good in our company, and then solution can be found on their own. That is why good atmosphere in the workplace is so important, inspiring. It also motivates me to act."

Małgorzata Ulanowicz
Senior Development Specialist in the MS&T department

„It is important to look at the organisation you work for as a team of players and understand what its main goal is. Show a lot of empathy for other departments, don't lock yourself in a departmental “bubble”. Collaboration, clear communication and quick implementation are essential in every organisation."

Jacek Kulik
Senior Business Process Support Specialist in the Marketing and Sales area

"I am proud of BIOTON’s position that we have reached together over all these years in the medical and patient community. I am proud of my team who consistently work hard to bring our products to a wider audience."

Wioletta Lewandowska
Regional Manager in the Sales Team

"Reach high, think outside the box, and don't be afraid to ask questions."

Aneta Sękowska
IT Manager

"Making improvements to a well-functioning manufacturing process is not easy, but when we succeed, it brings us a great deal of satisfaction that can propel us to continue working."

Tomasz Kociszewski
Junior Technologist

“I draw satisfaction from the fact that I can use my experiences from working in another country in Poland”.

Tatiana Piekaczewa
Medical Representative

“I assume that I am there for people rather than them being there for me. You have to look after your colleagues, because it always works both ways. My first decision after taking up my post was to move my office to the control room on the production floor to be closer to the process and my people”.

Hubert Dziewicki
Harvesting Team Coordinator

“What I like most about working in Bioton is the opportunity to collaborate with amazing people – experts in their fields and incredibly inspiring people. It’s great to work in such an environment.”

Michał Deptuch
Operations Director

"Patience, persistence and hard work are an unbeatable combination for success. There are no impossible things, there are only those we give up on too quickly."

Robert Piecuch
Commercial Director

"I am most proud of the fact that my work is helping thousands of people with diabetes."

Łucja Stefaniak-Praska
Quality Assurance Specialist

“I love working in a team of energetic enthusiasts, and there are many great passionate people in our company. This is my motivation.”

Dariusz Gurtowski
Technology Leader

“At the company, I am inspired by the people; it is still they that teach me the most and I continue to analyse their feedback to streamline our processes and improve myself through my professional development.”

Małgorzata Łuksza
Director of Business Operations

“Without a doubt, what’s most interesting about my job just now is the opportunity to meet and collaborate with people from all around the world, talk to experts responsible for diabetes treatment and discuss how we, as a pharmaceutical company, can support patients. My biggest satisfaction is that, thanks to the solutions developed by our team and myself, an ever larger group of diabetics can be treated with our drugs in Poland and abroad.”

Małgorzata Masierek
Medical & Marketing Manager

“People starting their career in Bioton should remember never to lose sight of aims and work consistently and with determination to achieve them. It is also very important to be authentic and not to pretend someone you’re not.”

Bogdan Świrski
Senior Regional Manager
Marketing Sales Department – Poland

Advance your career in one of our teams

Sales and Marketing Departments Poland

Sales and Marketing Departments Poland

deal with the domestic distribution of finished forms of insulin drugs. The employees from these departments have the opportunity to participate in a unique DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM called “7 miles”, which enables them to develop their sales and marketing competencies.

The International Markets Development Department

The International Markets Development Department

executes the company’s plans of expansion to foreign markets, thus ensuring its global success.

The MST/R&D Department

The MST/R&D Department

conducts research on biotechnological products and innovative drug forms, as well as runs genetic engineering and biotechnology research programs.

The Quality Department

The Quality Department

guarantees overseeing production on every stage and ensures the highest quality of products provided to patients.

The HR Department

The HR Department

creates and executes strategies that allow us to fully utilize our employee’s potential, which is essential in achieving the goals and mission of the company.

The Production and Technical Department

The Production and Technical Department

ensure smooth operations throughout the process of insulin product manufacturing

The Purchasing Department

The Purchasing Department

keeps the company’s purchasing strategy on track by applying the best and most cost-effective solutions: analysis of suppliers, negotiations and order punctuality.

The Financial Department

The Financial Department

plans and monitors all activities within financial processes in the company.


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Prywatna opieka medyczna Bioton

Private medical healthcare

available in family and  senior citizen packages

Najlepsi lekarze Bioton

Global Doctors package

arrangement and coverage of treatment abroad

Karta Multisport Bioton

Sports card


Insurance package

Internal and external specialist

certificate trainings available to all employees

Program wspierania innowacyjności w firmie Bioton

In-company innovation support program (10% Program)

Kursy certyfikujące i specjalistyczne Bioton

Specialist and certificate courses

we want our employees to develop by actively expanding knowledge

Occupational Pension


Development Opportunities

Praktyki w Bioton


Are you a university student? Are you looking for an interesting internship that is in line with your scientific interests and offers more challenging tasks that just serving coffee? Join us! Our internship programs are dedicated to students and graduates of universities and colleges, who want to gain valuable experience that may turn out to be the beginning of their professional career.

During your internship, you will support our employees in a variety of fields: research and development, biotechnology, finished medicinal form production, technical support, HR, marketing, finances, controlling, purchasing and others.

To students interested in working in the pharmaceutical industry, we offer a program that gives them the opportunity to discover the entire unique process of producing recombinant human insulin – from bacteria to finished medicinal form.

First job

We offer mentorship and our experience to those who are ready to implement the knowledge they have gained throughout their education to the benefit of the company.

Pierwsza praca Bioton
Kariera w Bioton

Boost your career

At BIOTON we believe in the power of internal recruitment. Working here, you receive the opportunity to gain experience and knowledge in a variety of areas. We support the retraining of our employees ready to broaden their knowledge. We like discovering talents and freeing their potential.

Who we look for?

Qualifications, knowledge and experience are important to us, but so are the ability to work in a team and engagement. Recruitment is a two-way process, during which you will be able to learn more about the position you are interested in and about the company itself, and we will have the opportunity to assess your qualifications and make sure that you are the right person for the job. Thanks to our recruitment procedures we can reliably and objectively assess candidates.

We are looking for people who:

are engaged in what they do and can work in a dynamic environment

demonstrate a strong work ethic

can plan and organize their work well

have advanced communication skills

consistently pursue their goals

are not afraid of taking up challenges

always strive to improve their work results and encourage others to do the same

Our recruitment process:

an application

Invitation to
a job interview


at Bioton


Send your resume if you find a position that appeals to you and is in line with your professional interests. We carefully check all applications as regards the competencies necessary for a particular position, and invite the candidates who meet our requirements to an interview. We look for employees who want to increase their qualifications and develop professionally.

You will be interviewed by a person from the HR Department and the head of the department you are applying to. The aim of this meeting is for us to get to know you better, evaluate your experience and skills. For you it is an opportunity to learn more about the position you are applying for, about the company and the people you will work with. This is also your chance to ask us anything you would like to know.
During the meeting you may be asked to perform additional tasks or have a short conversation in a foreign language if it is required on the position you are applying for.
How to prepare for the interview?
• Consider what projects and tasks you were involved in and are proud of
• Think about your to-date experience. What was your input in the goals you and your teams achieved?
• Decide what questions could help you decide for or against taking this job and ask them at the meeting
• Relax – at BIOTON we want you to feel at ease during the interview to see your full potential

After the interview we contact all candidates and give them feedback. We make a proposal to those selected in the recruitment process. If they accept our offer, we welcome them into our team.
It didn’t work out this time? Don’t worry! Follow our job postings and apply the next time you see an interesting position at BIOTON.

Before your first day at work you will be given all the necessary documents, as well as an invitation to an induction program and its agenda.

The beginning of your adventure in BIOTON means becoming acquainted with your new job and completing a series of meetings and trainings with our experts.