Małgorzata Masierek

Medical Marketing Director

Małgorzata Masierek has been working in pharmaceutical industry for over 20 years. She has built her extensive experience working for such companies as MSD, Aventis, later on for Sanofi, and Bioton. For 18 years, she has been working in diabetes therapeutic area; although she started her career in sales and marketing structures, her deep interest in science pushed her to work in the medical field.

She searches for new solutions that can support patients in the diabetes treatment. She designs and implements observational studies and educational projects which aim to assess efficacy and safety of the solutions used in the diabetes treatment, as well as to increase the awareness of patients who suffer from the disease. She actively participates in medical conferences and meetings, expanding her knowledge and presenting the results of studies conducted by Bioton. As a co-author, she published eight scientific papers. On a daily basis, she is deeply engaged in providing reliable information based on the latest findings.

She started working at Bioton in 2008 and currently she holds the position of Medical Marketing Director responsible for activities in Poland and around the world. She is in charge of global medical activities and marketing activities in Europe, the CIS and LATAM countries.